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U.2/U.3 NVMe

Speed Class:


Read/Write (MB/s):


Product Description

The PD4 series, tailored for data centers, ensures unmatched performance and reliability. Featuring a maximum capacity of 30.72 TB and available in U.3 form factor, the PD4 SSD is perfect for data-heavy enterprise applications. It is optimized for cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), content delivery networks (CDN), web streaming, and other I/O-intensive tasks.

Key Features

-Available in the 15mm U.3 form factor, backward compatible with U.2
-High capacities ranging from 6.4 TB to 30.72 TB
-Impressive 4K random performance of up to 1600K IOPS, as well as stable performance with a throughput
of 7.1 GB/s
-Featuring hardware power loss protection (PLP), full data path protection, AES-256 data encryption, and
sanitize erase

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